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In Live Savvy & iTrends on March 15, 2013 at 5:47 pm

.facebook_1928944279Who wants to sleep when there is so much to do and learn? For those of you who enjoy The Inquisitive Tongue or my San Diego Reader blog, you know my obsession with dining well and eating healthy, preferably from farmers and food/spirit artisans.

Right now, I’m weeding through a garden of tech opps, trying to balance the app lure with fresh air and planting my herb garden. Strangely, this feels right and balanced.

Sipping Republic of Tea ginger green, I scour the NYT and USA Today on my tablet for fun, review my news sites for the latest dish on healthy dining or travel social media.  Hard to pull myself back from the digital edge, but dirty fingerprints nurse my second cup of Vanilla Chai as I ponder the Italian oregano and lemon basil. Cuppa three is spent with you, reporting on  live savvy tips and iTrends that I think will help you stay sane, serene and focused. Namaste!

505a2b5166a395de4fd164f4b2bb953b_reasonably_smalliTrends: Health

  • can help you and your family pick healthy choices from restaurants and figure our what’s fun and tasty for dinner.
  • Why not do yoga or Pilates with a friend? You can with Wello. This fitness app lets you work out alone with an instructor or join a class.
  • Thanks to SoloHealth, Walmart and Sam’s Club are debuting 2,500 self-service health kiosks with access to health tests such as blood pressure and eye sight.
  • MappyHealth Twitter app helps Los Angeles, Chicago and Orlando public health officials track illnesses in their communities including the common cold, influenza, mosquito-borne illnesses and TB.

.facebook_1928944279iTrends: Travel 

  • Google’s suite of web and mobile-based services have altered the travel industry landscape. But high-tech Glass is a major game changer.  Interactive head gear will replace fingers. Users no longer have to key-in destination addresses or pitch-zoom a map to see accurate directions. They just talk to the glass and the directions are shown within the view. And that doesn’t include the flight, hotel and tourism experience in this brave new world device.
  • Online travel is one of e-commerce’s huge success stories. At $100B, travel search, bookings and researching destinations  is healthy and growing. If you’re not robust with blogs, social media, brand awareness and refreshing both mobile and websites constantly, you’ll be left behind. Not refreshing your images and content on Pinterest is even worse.
  • Hats off to Expedia for their new website upgrades and Foursquare’s deals with online publishers who can view content when they are near destinations including alliances with Eater, TimeOutNew York and Chicago, Frommer’s, The New York Times and CBS News.

ATT000463MA30916126-0003Live Savvy

  • Living well is the best revenge! Since water is more than 70% of the body, harness its amazing healing powers to influence mood and health. Quiet anxiety by visualizing water or purchase a gurgling desktop fountain. Before sleep, keep Ocean Waves playing by your bed.
  • Thank you notes matter. Keep a note station in a basket: pretty Forever stamps, fun stickers, expressive thank you cards or stationery, fine tip colored pens (I like purple), address book and a return address stamp.
  • Best hostess gifts? Lavender sachets, scented Yankee candles, gourmet preserves or a basked of chocolates and teas.

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